From mobility data obtained for in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, identified in the previous activities, and considering the needs and future prospects, an intelligent traffic management should be deployed to enable:

The improvement of the safety of road users.

  • The improvement of mobility, exploring methods and management strategies to increase its efficiency.
  • Limit the environmental impact through better traffic management.
  • Promoting innovation and encouraging technology innovation through the ITS program, adapting to advancing technology.
  • Promote connectivity between vehicles, infrastructure and mobile devices.


The call for the ITS study contract began at the beginning of 2018 and was awarded to the company IDOM. It finalises in December 2018.

At this moment, in phase 1 the “Characteristics of Environment and existing systems” is completed.

Phase 2: Benchmarking, consists in the characterization of the experiences of the countries, which are applicable to the Rondes.

Phase 3 will determine a list of actions and systems that should be considered its  implementation.